Why Martonik?

My name is Toma Poyryazov, CEO of the family-owned Martonik Ltd.
Everything started 30 years ago when my father Nikolay headed a small state-owned knitting factory here in Bulgaria. With his help, it grew to become one of the hottest knitwear production hubs in the region – with its own branded collections and dozens of big clients worldwide. The factory provided end-to-end knitting services – everything from collection design to fashion shows and exhibitions. A few years later when the factory ceased work, my father opened his own company aiming to cover all services in producing knitwear collections.

Martonik is bringing personal touch and years of experience to every piece of your high-end fashion collections.

Many years later, I’m the CEO and owner of Martonik. I’m at the driving wheel but I am surrounded by a great team of experts helping leading the different company departments. Together, we are bringing a personal touch and years of experience into every piece of our clients’ high-end fashion collections. Matronik works with some of the biggest worldwide brands in the textile and knitting industries to help them regularly delight their customers with their new collections. Today, nearly 30 years later, our family business is not only still growing but has acquired shares in smaller companies. This has helped us grow our expertise and increase our production capacity to as many as 20 000 garments monthly.

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