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Material Consultation and Collection Sampling

We can navigate you and help you find the right fibers, yarn counts and colors for your collections by providing you with 30+ years of experience and technical knowledge in the field. Our network of accessory producers. A complete look of your collection could be achieved only by investing extra time and efforts therefore we create a sample of your knitwear ideas before the production process begins and it is send over to you to further check.

Production and Quality Control

Quality checks are made on every stage thus the sequence ‘one-in, one-out’ is always kept. Having on board all the machine gauges from 3 to 12gg allows us to be flexible with small and big orders at the same time.

Distribution and Logistics

We save your time and any additional transport costs by managing the whole warehousing and distribution process. You can choose either to store your brands (for direct and online sales we can send them to our warehouses and dispatch them to your customers later on) or directly send them to end destination (we’ll divide, pack and label the main order and send it) to end destination.
Martonik is providing you with quick and reliable delivery and we are backed up by a well-developed network of logistic companies and therefore choosing the best option for you.

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